Business Storytelling For Leaders

Are you ready to build engagement, inspire people to take action and deliver results?

Benefits of Business Storytelling
  • Build strong relationship with existing and potential clients, customers and employees
  • Communicate effectively with everyone around you
  • Influence and inspire others to take action
  • Engage  clients, customers, employees
  • Illustrate your points and sell your services, ideas or products
  • Motivate and influence your team
  • Deliver your main points in a presentation
Workshop Content Overview
  • What is business storytelling and its importance?
  • Business storytelling styles
  • Crafting your stories
  • Making your stories shine
  • Practicing and delivering stories
  • Secret storytelling business
  • Getting your stories out there
  • Implementing storytelling into your organization
  • Giving it a go
Target Audience

Leaders who need to Influence and inspire others to take action during presentation or meetings.


Workshop is being conducted in English or Turkish.

Training Duration

1 Day


For further details please contact us.





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