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How to Write Effective Content in English

ContentEffective content is writing that engages and -most of all- achieves your business goals, such as closing sales, getting appointments, etc. It’s the content that people actually willing to read.


  1. Write for your target audience, not for yourself. Use the language they understand and address what’s important to them (more than what’s important to you). Speak to them and their needs. Provide answers to questions or concerns they may have.
  2. Stories are more interesting and memorable than cold facts and figures. Write like the human being you are, not like a business robot.
  3. Focus on headings.Eighty percent of people read all the headlines, whereas only 20 percent read all the content on a page. Know that regardless of how good your content is, most people will scan it quickly, hunting for what they want. Make the hunting easy with great headlines.
  4. Summarize any important points or conclusions right at the start of a page. In case people stop reading there, they can still get the idea of it.
  5. One page = one focus. After someone reads any page, what should he or she do? Be clear about the next step through forms, links, buttons, or any type of call to action. Examples: Buy your product, sign up for your mailing list, read another related article, or leave a comment. Pick one next-step action, but not all of them.
  6. Don’t focus on selling. Honesty works, as does teaching or simply explaining how something works. Focus on the benefits to your audience, not on the features.
  7. Become a curator, not a collector of words.Edit, Edit & Edit. Cut as much as possible. Bother only with getting your point across clearly.
  8. Provide proof. Can you back up your claims with testimonials? Use case studies, real-world examples, success stories, or even embedded tweets from your audience that praise your work/product.
  9. Be 100 percent technically correct. No grammar issues, passive voice, or spelling mistakes.

The most important point is: Write with true passion for what you do.Show your enthusiasm for how your business helps your customers. Show your readers why you care about them and they’ll care about what you do in return.